Cassettes Histology Free Sample  Features
ABC-Det1 Biopsy embedding cassettes, Hinged lid are made of high density acetal polymer, with 224 holes of approximately 0.76 x 0.76 mm. The convenient large tab for easy opening makes cassettes a great alternative. Also the writing area at 45掳 is compatible with leading brands of cassette labelers. This type of cassettes can be supplied assembled to save time and make storage easier.
ABC-Det2 Biopsy embedding cassettes detachable with hinged lid can be pre-mounted, or with the lid separated in another case. 224 holes of 1mm square openings to maximize fluid exchange and ensure proper drainage. The unique front hinge allows single handed cassette manipulation.
ABC-Int1 Cassettes for biopsy with one-piece incorporated lid have 224 draining holes of 1x1mm in base and lid. This type will keep specimens safely submerged and are totally resistant to histological solvents. You can simply snap apart and lock the lid into the base of cassette. The 45掳 degree labeling surface can be used with most labeling instruments.
Cat# Material Size(mm) Holes Angle
ABC-Det1 POM 42x28x6 224 45掳
ABC-Det2 POM 41x28x6 224 45掳
ABC-Int1 POM 40x28x6 224 45掳
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