Wholesale Coroplast Panels  Company Profile
Dongguan Jianxin Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional PP hollow board manufacturer, we have high-tech production equipment, advanced deep processing technology and experienced technical team. We have 17 years of production experience in Dongguan City, with 8 high-speed advanced PP plastic hollow sheet production equipment, advanced deep processing equipment, automatic beer board forming equipment, advanced testing equipment, 2D proofing equipment, etc. We are the leading enterprise in the hollow sheet industry in South China. Our products mainly include Coroplast Sheets, Corrugated Plastic Box, Corrugated Floor Protection and Yard Signs. 17 years, we have provided the most reliable PP hollow sheet production services to numerous customers, and we will continue to provide the most professional PP hollow board product solutions.
Team Introduced
We come from all corners of the world, but the common goal gestates an ideal. The starting point is different but the purpose is the same. The young hearts meet at this moment, unite as one, never give up, break through the storm and set sail bravely.
Development History
A sales outlet was established in 2003, hollow plate sales were introduced in 2006, and sales exceeded 8 million in 2007. In 2009, the first full-automatic plate pulling production line was introduced, in 2010, two semi automatic beer machines and ultrasonic machines were introduced, in 2011, the second full-automatic production line was added, in 2014, the third full-automatic production line was added, in 2015, ISO9001 certification, TUV certification, the introduction of automatic proofing machines, and the establishment of the Ministry of Foreign Trade. In 2017, there were five full-automatic production lines.
Working Environment
Our factory covers an area of 9300 square meters. There are three hollow plate production workshops with beautiful environment.
Company Honor
ISO9001 quality management certification, TUV international certification, SGS environmental protection certification, ROHS report, legal adviser certificate, trade union committee, high-tech enterprises, e-commerce association
Competitive Advantage
The company has 8 high-speed advanced production equipment for PP plastic hollow plates, advanced deep processing equipment, automatic beer plate forming equipment, advanced testing equipment, 2D proofing equipment, etc; With strong technical force, it is a modern professional hollow plate production enterprise integrating design, manufacturing and sales.
R&D Capability
Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the scientific concept of development, taking technology research and development and talent training as its development goals. The company has set up a special research and development department, and has an experienced and innovative technology research and development team.
Corporate Strategy
鈼廌evelopment planning and development plan: We will adhere to the idea of people-oriented and customer first for sustainable development;聽
鈼廋ore themes and participating elements: good production mode and superb production technology are the hard principles for the company to develop;聽
鈼廇dvance preparation for development strategic planning: training of new employees, perfect plant equipment and advanced concepts.
Company Mission
To create the best products for customers, quality first, people-oriented, user first, adhere to faith, high standards, and refinementWholesale Coroplast Panels